DIY Bcureful Climb

Do Your Own Fundraiser: Climb for a Cure

Whether it be hiking, rock climbing, or stair climbing, your climb can make a difference! Here’s how:

1. Choose a location and time for your event. Your event should be challenging. People will want to donate to encourage you to push yourself.

2. Decide how you want to ask for donations (i.e. steps, elevation gain, miles, hours, etc.). Decide on a donation amount that you will feel comfortable asking for and make a formula that fits. Many people will donate much more than you ask for.


  • If you decide to climb flights of stairs in a 20-story building, you could ask for $2 per flight
  • If you decide to do a hike that will take you 6 hours, you could ask for $5/hour.

*Tip: Ask for donations, not pledges. Pledges increase the work involved because you have to contact everyone again after the event to collect the donations.

3. Select a photo which tells your story (i.e. a photo of you with someone who lives with TSC or wearing a Bcureful T-shirt) to use in promoting your event.

4. Contact Bcureful and let them know about your event. The easiest way to collect donations is PayPal via the Bcureful website donation page. We’ll assist you in setting up a link, and our treasurer will help in preparing tax letters.

5. Promote your event through email! Send an email everyone you know and attach your photo. You will get better responses if you email people individually, rather than a mass-email. Put something personal in each email message. Ask for donations to support your event.

*Tip: Contact people directly and ask them to participate. Your best results will come from direct asks.

6. Post your event on Facebook and other social media outlets! Be sure to include your contact information and the PayPal link for donations!

7. Keep a spreadsheet to track your event results. Include a column for follow-up after the event. Download our template HERE for guidance!

8. Create a “Thank You” note by using some photos from your event. An easy way to do this is to use Walgreen’s photo site. If you wish, write a short note on the back of the card to thank the donors.

9. Mail the tax letters and Thank You notes. Many people will display the photo card all year.

Doing a fundraiser is a lot of work. The more work you put in, the more donations you will generate. Good luck!