Travel Assistance

In February of 2019, NORD announced their recognition of Bcureful’s Support in Action: “Recently, NORD launched the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Travel & Lodging Patient Assistance Program, which provides patients diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (or under consideration for diagnosis) with financial assistance for travel and lodging related to participation in a clinical trial and/or for treatment. The program is made possible through the support of Bcureful, a 501(c)3 patient organization devoted to advancing research toward the cure for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, as well as raising public awareness of the disorder and helping to bring expert medical care and support to people where they need it.”

If you are in need of NORD’s assistance, or would like additional information, you can learn more HERE

Thank you for your support in helping Bcureful achieve this amazing accomplishment! It is because of you, our donors, that this fund has been made possible.

Lebonheur Foundation

TSC Clinics

Dealing with your TSC diagnosis or that of a loved one and need to see a professional? Click here for a list of clinics in the U.S. that specialize in TSC treatment.
Information is provided by the TS Alliance and is subject to change. Please refer to the TS Alliance website for additional information.

TSC Clinical Consensus Guidelines

Click here for the newly updated clinical consensus guidelines for the diagnosis and management of TSC, published by the TS Alliance.