Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

What is Tuberous Sclerosis Complex?

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) is a genetic disorder that affects 1-2 million people around the world. Due to malfunctioning in cell division, those with TSC experience benign growths that affect various organs and parts of the body. TSC is typically diagnosed in infancy or childhood and is strongly linked to epilepsy, autism, and other intellectual disabilities: roughly 90% of children with TSC will develop epilepsy and about half will develop autism.

Each case of TSC varies, but some affected individuals, unfortunately, don’t survive. For many others, TSC is severely debilitating on a day-to-day basis. With the help of generous donors and the groundbreaking research of scientists and doctors, we at Bcureful are confident in our abilities to ease the lives and reduce the suffering of individuals coping with TSC. The science behind TSC treatment is moving quickly. Help us achieve our goals with a tax-deductible donation! Every dollar is appreciated and truly goes toward making a difference.

Watch this video of Dr. Orrin Devinsky of the NYU Langone Medical Center explaining the genetic basis of TSC, its common impacts, and the prospect of finding a cure!